The River’s Inn Bed and Breakfast is one of the few “Certified Haunted” houses in Colorado where you can stay overnight and experience the ghosts which live here. Many encounters in the house by the Innkeepers have lead to paranormal investigations by a variety different teams which have captured evidence on video, audio and through photographs.

Some of the unexplained phenomena are touches on the arms and hair of guests, audible voices which can be heard throughout the house including conversational voices of a man and woman, the laughter and play of a small girl believed to be named Annie, as well as intelligent conversations recorded on EVP devices which respond to questions.

Most recently on March 6, 2014, fingerprints on the dining room table and china cabinet in flour have been noticed by the Innkeepers which appear to be Annie’s. Just in this past week, towels have been refolded after being on the shelves, having to be taken off the shelves and put back as they are supposed to be. We’ve also found cigarette and cigar ashes and smoke on the beds and in corners in various locations including between the sheets of the bed in the Jordan Suite and on the bedspread of the Sargent Room.

During one of the most recent investigations, Annie told the medium she wanted her highchair put in the dining room and began moving the toy monkey in the chair. She also wanted to sit on the lap of of one of the investigators and appeared to a woman brushing her teeth in the upstairs bathroom.

While having a conversation with one of the female ghosts on March 8, 2014, a flashlight turned on at the top of the stairs all by itself. During the session, the spirit was asked to turn the light off and it responded. Then repeated the process once more. Captured EVPs also reveal the entities in the house not only respond to questions intelligently through Ghost Box devices, they also use full sentences to help direct investigators to items they are looking for or answer questions in depth.

Flying orbs which change direction mid-air have been video taped on Feb 26, 2014 and can be seen in the video on this page.

As more evidence of paranormal activity comes in, we will be posting updates on a regular basis.


Altitude Paranormal Group


Rivers Inn Fall 1We would love to have you not only enjoy the hospitality of the River’s Inn Bed and Breakfast, but come and experience working with a real Paranormal Investigative Team.

You don’t have to have any equipment to experience the haunting of the River’s Inn Bed and Breakfast. You can join the Westcliffe Paranormalists on March 22, May 24 and October 25, 2014 to conduct an investigation of your own. Using their state of the art equipment, you’ll be able to listen and learn what it’s like to be a paranormal investigator.

Almost everyone who is involved in a paranormal investigation at the River’s Inn Bed and Breakfast experiences something while here. Whether it be audible voices responding intelligently to questions or physical contact by a touch on the shoulder, the ghosts at the River’s Inn are friendly to most visitors.

Westcliffe Paranomalists

The Westcliffe Paranormalists conduct the Paranormal Investigations and consist of their technical team which includes a medium. With their EMF detectors, video cameras, Digital Voice Recorders and Field Matrix Scanners (a laser grid pen) and other equipment, you’ll see what it’s like to work on a real paranormal investigation. Bring your cameras and comfortable shoes and clothes as you’ll be visiting the basement and coal shoot areas.

Tickets are just $50 per person to join the investigation. You’ll be able to use the teams equipment and see the photos and listen to the recordings as you go through the event. After touring the house, the lights go out and the investigation begins at dark. Buy your tickets early as places are limited as to not overwhelm our ghostly residents.

This experience is perfect for experienced paranormal enthusiasts, beginners, believers and skeptics alike. Due to the intensity of the paranormal activity that may occur on this tour, it is not recommended for children.

Call today to book your stay as we fill up fast! To make reservations, click here and indicate (Ghost Tours) in the designated field: Reservations

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